PEGGY KLEIBER. Tutti i giorni della vita
(fotografie 1959-1992)

Peggy Kleiber. Tutti i giorni della vita
(fotografie 1959-1992)
Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Rome
Curated by Arianna Catania and Lorenzo Pallini
19.05 – 15.10.2023

Exhibition Design by Ask Again Studio


The exhibition “Peggy Kleiber. Tutti i giorni della vita“, has its origins in a captivating discovery: two suitcases, never before opened, containing 15,000 photographs captured by Peggy Kleiber spanning from the late 1950s to the 1990s. Peggy, a restless and independent Swiss woman, was raised in a large and vibrant family infused with poetry, music, and literature. She harbored a profound passion for photography as a means of expression and understanding. A non-professional photographer who later became a teacher, Peggy directed her exploration toward the intersection of personal and collective history. Her works are authorial snapshots, often appearing serendipitous, yet conveying a universal language. These images portray a bygone era, forgotten hues, echoes of sounds, and muted voices—an essence of memory that doesn’t solely pertain to us but in which we unwittingly play a part.

In her quest for the subtle and imperceptible, for raw emotions and the most authentic moments, Peggy imposes her silent, receptive, and empathetic presence. She gazes unflinchingly at the world, allowing herself to be captivated without passing judgment. What emerges are candid photographs that are not mere records of a bygone era, but rather, they are imprints of places that remain vibrant: urban and rural landscapes, both empty and bustling, in various stages of construction or teeming with life, portraits, and everyday scenes, family gatherings. Thanks to Peggy’s innate and unpretentious talent, we tiptoe into the waiting rooms of train stations, immerse ourselves in the cacophony of children’s games, and witness the subtlety of familial gestures, all enveloped in a profoundly natural atmosphere. Looking at these photographs is akin to discovering oneself.