Ask Again is a design and creative direction studio founded and run by Melissa Pallini and Martina Zanin.

The studio deals with editorial, exhibition, and visual identity projects in the cultural field.

We work closely with artists, publishers, organizations, and institutions in the development of personal and commissioned projects at all stages of conception and production.

We believe in the form as a sensory experience.
We dedicate great attention to details and materials in search of associations between the content and the container, to translate and transmit the concepts behind a project and create an output that activates dynamics between the senses.

Ask Again is one of the answers of the Magic 8Ball. A name that represents the duality of our approach – made of imagination and reflection. 

Wait, concentrate, and Ask Again.



Skinnerboox, Witty Books, Enciclopedia Treccani, DAMIANI, Allemandi Editore & Sotheby’s, Dito Publishing, The New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, Vogue, Artribune, la Repubblica, Internazionale, Armani


CFP Bauer, Grisart – Escuela Internacional de Fotografia, Spazio Labo’, RUFA – University of Fine Arts, ISFCI, Meshroom Photo, CSF Adams, University of Trieste, THP – Tuscan House of Photography

Milan | Rome 
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